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"Following a simple rule of 3 can help you create a sophisticated charcuterie board that isn't 'overpowering,' according to a professional."


“Participants in the response to the trend most commonly stitch a video from a woman named Emmy (@sophisticatedspreads) In her video, she asks the audience, “But what I want to know is what is the female version of the Roman Empire? What is something ran
dom that we think about on a very regular basis that is female-specific?”


"The conversation took a new turn on Thursday when LA-based professional charcuterie artist Emmy Rener asked TikTokers to weigh in on a new question: what is the female version of
the Roman Empire?
"What is something random that we all think about on a very regular basis that is female specific?" she said."

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“One woman’s quest to find the answer is currently going viral I, and so are many of the responses.
“I am absolutely fascinated by the Roman Empire trend that’s happening on TikTok,” admitted Emmy in a TikTok last week. “But what I want to know is, what is the female version of the Roman Empire? Like, what is something random that we all think about on a very regular basis that is female-specific?”


Wedding Caterer Reveals What Happened After Bride Gave Her Wrong Date

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"I have never felt the imposter syndrome more than I did when I was at the World Cheese Awards, at the age of 21, with no idea what I was doing, surrounded by 250 of the most professional people in the cheese industry."

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"Emmy Rener, who founded Sophisticated Spreads (@sophisticatedspreads) in Los Angeles with her business partner, wanted to be able to offer their grazing board design services to couples getting married. But for those who think putting together a grazing board is as easy as a quick trip to the store, Rener detailed the moment she realized a bride had accidentally given her the wrong date for her wedding."

"Rener complied, posting two follow-up TikToks that detailed exactly how the bride had gotten her own wedding date mixed up, how they both came to the same horrifying realization and how she was still able to make it happen."

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"I have never really been driven by finances for this business," she said. "It's always been more of a labor of love."

"Doing the outreach has meant all of the cheese used in a Sophisticated Spreads board comes from artisan creameries, whose owners she now knows well. "It's all about sourcing and what you put on the board," she said. "If you're using the right ingredients, you're 90% of the way there."

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"The university student told Insider she now charges clients up to $25,000 to prepare massive boards for special events, including grazing tables, which are large spreads that cover entire countertops or dining tables with meats, cheese, fruits, nuts, and other nibbles."

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"Emmy Rener uses food as a tool to bring people together and creates impressive charcuterie boards and grazing tables through her catering company, Sophisticated Spreads"


Just Go With It Pod #57

"We're joined by the absolutely wonderful Emmy to discuss how she built an artisanal charcuterie board business, went viral on TikTok, sold to various Hollywood celebs, and is now operating a fully functioning business. We discuss tips & tricks for a successful board at home, launching fast and adjusting later when it comes to life, and some advice when your outcome doesn't look like what you had originally planned."

If you love charcuterie and are looking for some tips, or just love life advice, this episode, and Emmy, are for you!!

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"In a follow-up post, Ferguson posted the previously mentioned cheese platters, which included the small one he brought alongside Vergara's palatial spread of meats, cheeses and fruit from "boho-inspired cheeseboard" company Sophisticated Spreads."

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"What makes a Sophisticated Spread, well, sophisticated? What is special about how you craft your boards?"

"It starts with the products that you're using. I try to use all locally sourced food, whether it be farmer's market fruit or California creamery cheeses. A lot of the cheeses that I use, you can't find in any grocery store here locally. It's fun and different. That’s the sophisticated touch that I put on my boards as well as just really honing in on how you're placing the items. So I like to put my cheese down first and pair it with the meat that comes next. Instead of just placing the salami down, I like to do salami ribbons or prosciutto ribbons, but those little touches definitely turn a board from just a regular appetizer into a Sophisticated Spread."


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"Now THIS is how you do a boat elopement! A lovely spot to watch the sunset post "I do", dontcha think? Happy weekend, Cakies!"

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"In addition to meat, cheese, crackers, fruit, nuts, and jam, the beautiful board made by Sophisticated Spreads was topped with candy canes, dark chocolate stars, peppermint bark, and candies. Later that day, Emily and her family also enjoyed the cutest Christmas-themed cupcakes from Butter + Cream bakery."

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"Ultimately, her dream endorsement would be from Lizzo— who she would send a vegan cheeseboard, of course — and she hopes to one day get the attention of TikTok creators like Tinx, Fibula and Remi Bader."

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"Emmy Rener might seem like an average college student, but she could probably teach her professors a thing or two about the art of entrepreneurship. 

Rener runs Sophisticated Spreads, a small business that sells boho-inspired cheese boards in Southern California. 

Check out Rener’s rise from high schooler to businesswoman. "