Charcuterie Consultation Calls

We are now offering charcuterie consultation calls, intended for people who are interested in starting their own charcuterie board company, creating their own grazing table, or just learning more about the techniques of the cheese world in general. Visit these links to book a 30 or 45 minute consultation call with Emmy!

45 Minute Charcuterie Consultation

30 Minute Charcuterie Consultation

“Buying a consultation call with Emmy was definitely worth it! I had recently started my own charcuterie business, The American Charcuterie Co., and had gotten an order to do my first wedding cocktail table. I’d been following Sophisticated Spreads and saw consultation calls were available. Knowing Emmy had much experience, I bought a call then wrote out my questions and concerns for growing my business and building beautiful grazing tables. During the call, she answered all of my questions as well as gave me more advice on cheeses, crackers, florals, pricing, and more! Taking Emmy’s advice, I completed the cocktail table which grew my business and had more people interested in my work! Ordering the consultation call was the best thing I did to help my business grow. I implement everything I gained from that call in my current orders and am forever grateful Emmy offers these calls!”

-Kati, Consultation Call Client