Paris Foodie Highlights

7 Days Living the Parisian Dream

Our week in Paris was like stepping into a movie, and I daydream about our trip on a daily basis. As a diagnosed foodie, I spent lots of time researching the best places to eat and these are just some of the many highlights. I hope this little reel of highlights can help you plan your dreamy trip to this city of love, and if you're going to take any advice from me, soak up every second while you're there. Eat the pasta. Order the wine. Have the gelato. Wake up and indulge on a crunchy croissant. This is a foodie's paradise so while you're there, do it all.

Note: We also used Lime scooters to get around the city and it was the best decision we made. It is the perfect, affordable way to see the city in an intimate way without wasting too much time walking. Trust me, Lime is the way to go!

Best Lunch - Pink Mamma

This was our first stop after we landed in Paris, and I thought it was my optimism for Parisian cuisine that had me thinking this lunch was the best meal of my life, but after a week of venturing through the foodie capital of the world, I realized this spot is truly in its own league. It Ivy on the Shore was in Paris, this would be it. The inside atmosphere is bustling with a beautiful staircase (get ready for insta photos here) that leads into the quaintest room with a booming kitchen and adorable tables. The decor is beyond tasteful (note the adorable dishes). I started with an Aperol Spritz (this is my go to) and we went to TOWN on the menu. My favorite dish was the black truffle pasta - it had the coolest thick homemade noodles, drenched in a delicious sauce, that took my breath away. Everything we tried was to die for, so this is definitely a must visit spot. 

Note: Make a reservation to ease the process, otherwise there was a bit of a wait for the lunch hour. 

TikTok - Pink Mamma

Best Cheese Shop - Taka Vermo

Stumbling into this cheese shop might have been the best thing that happened to me during our trip. This small shop isn’t much larger than a bedroom, but what drew me in was the fresh selection of greatness. The cheese case is beautiful and overwhelming, and well, its everything I imagined a Parisian cheese shop would look like. We spoke to a cheesemonger who educated us on the different varieties of fresh cheese they had, like a goat cheese stuffed with fig jam and topped with fresh thyme leaves, or the burrata stuffed with pesto. We got a jar of pesto that is made fresh in house, and was the perfect addition to our cheeseboard. They had a tub of fresh gorgonzola that they were scooping into jars like ice cream for customers while I sat in amazement. We also got a beautiful semi hard cheese coated in flowers, but truly you can’t go wrong with anything at this shop. In simple words, Taka Vermo is the real deal. You get a taste of the Parisian culture while enjoying these worldly cheeses. 

Note: Taka Vermo is located in the middle of a bustling area that is worth walking around, to find open aired grocery stores to get fresh fruit and baked bread for your cheeseboard, so make sure to take the time to soak up the beauty.

How to Make a Cheeseboard

Instagram Reel - Taka Vermo

Best Croissant - Du Pain et Des Idées

It has been said, to find the best croissant, you have to find the best flake. This incredibly sweet bakery has passed our taste test, and is notably the best croissant in Paris, by many standards. We walked here on a weekday morning from our airbnb, and as we approached the store, we recognized how beautifully French the crowd is that was gathered — by the way, knowing a little bit of French will go far here. We ordered a few things, from the classic croissant to du pain au chocolat, and let me tell you, its worth it. Indulge in ordering a baguette just to taste the beauty in a well done bread. 

Best Dinner - Les Papilles

I have thought about this dinner every day since I had it. I don’t know if it was the overflowing glasses of wine, the copious four course fixed menu that arrives to the table family style in a beautiful copper pot. The chef who launched Les Papilles left a three star Michelin post to create a more casual dinner spot, and it has been said “chefs like to come here on their day off because they don’t have to think about it.” Every day, the menu changes based on the chef’s liking and it did not disappoint. We started with a simple, delicious slice of goat cheese to begin, followed by a memorable soup for the starters. Les Papilles also doubles a wine shop, so its important to indulge on a good bottle (or two, or three) for this meal. 

Best Bar - Little Temple Bar

If you aren't immediately drawn in by the music that pours out of the green double doors at the entrance, then wait until you step foot into this loud, crowded, Irish pub in the middle of Paris. Monday nights are the night to come here - the bar plays a game where the first person to guess the song wins a shot. Needless to say its a fun time. They have different flavored shots - from green apple to mint, and so much more. 10 shots for 25 euros, need I say more? Nevertheless, this bar has a fun atmosphere with people singing to every song and lots of French people filling the bar — it’s definitely no tourist trap. 

Note: this is a fun place to start your night with the option to drift into other neighboring pubs and bars on the same road. 

Best Hot Chocolate - Carette

Straight out of a movie, this little cafe sits on the streets of Paris and offers a serene hideaway where you can enjoy warm hot chocolate with endless spoonfuls of whipped cream to compliment. Sitting at a table outside feels like you’re entering a dream you never want to wake up from, and I warn you, you could easily spend four hours people watching and soaking up the sun rays on this beautiful little block. 

Instagram Reel - Hot Chocolate